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Accuracy is paramount

As you would expect with the investment we have made in our workshop equipment we have continued this to include our range equipment. This allows us to undertake rifle and load development in a way that has not been available anywhere else to date. This is in the form of various pieces of electronic kit. In our load development we utilise the following equipment:

Electronic target – enables us to store and display all groups shot and includes valuable information such as group size and terminal velocity. This is used at both short and long range.

Pressure trace lab – with strain gauges fitted to the barrel we are able to monitor pressures generated with every shot allowing us to identify the absolute best powder and primer combination for your rifle – period! When coupled with the chronograph data the best harmonic solution is also measurable.

LabRadar chronograph – without having any effect on barrel harmonics we can store all strings of shots electronically to both correlate with the electronic target and the pressure trace system.

We think you would agree that the facilities we are able to offer along with our extensive experience is unparalleled and should you wish to discuss what we are able to offer then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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