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Precision is everything

Our rifles and accessories all have one thing in common – they have to perform.  With a significant amount of our time spent on the range you can be assured that we know what works.

Having been involved in the sport for many years we know what works and what doesn’t. We are also acutely aware that the range of budgets people have can preclude some from a custom rifle. However we always keep our eye on the marketplace and whenever a product meets or exceed our expectations we will offer it as an option. To this end we have a more affordable range of custom actions on the shelf as well as the usual selection of high end components. We do however as a rule stick with the best barrels available and will always try and dissuade customers from using what we consider to be cheaper alternatives as quite frankly it is not a cost effective practice given the actual amounts saved.

GSPES Ltd also endeavour to have a line of ready built rifles using custom components and specifications that we know by experience are effective and desirable – a custom rifle without the wait. Availability of these will always be dependant upon our order book and workload and as such may vary throughout the year.

GSPES Ltd have written an extensive terms and conditions with regards to the placing and acceptance of a bespoke rifle build. So many factors of which of our direct influence affect a bespoke rifle build that we have had to make customers aware of these and to enter into a project fully aware of the issues affecting any rifle build. We believe that all custom gunsmiths should make customers aware of all of these issues whether they occur or not.

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