Harmonics are everything - Re-barrel work

Harmonics are everything

A short while ago GSPES Ltd invested in a brand new CNC Lathe. While the traditional older manual machines used by the majority of gunsmiths are more than capable of achieving high tolerances they are limited and as they continue to age they need a greater amount of attention to achieve the same results.

The degree of control available with a good CNC lathe, combined with the opportunity to remember and store work undertaken on customers’ rifles to repeat again in the future was enough reason to invest the significant amount of money required. This means that any work undertaken by ourselves on your barrel / action is stored and repeatable at any time in the future. This could be pre-chambering and threading a barrel without the action meaning that customers can keep hold of their rifle until the point at which the action is required for final fitting and proofing should a donor action not be available to undertake proof etc.

Muzzle Brakes

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