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Stock related work at GS Precision

Having run a brand new CNC lathe for barrelling work we again saw the benefits of modernising the workshop for the benefit of both ourselves and our customers.

To this end we obtained a brand new CNC mill to undertake milling operations such as stock inletting. This gave us a huge advantage in being able to provide more accurately inletted stocks as the ability to cut precise inlets in two axis simultaneously is simply not achievable on a manual mill without stopping and altering the workpiece if that is even possible. Most machinists would accept that every time a workpiece is reset then the opportunity for error is introduced. With facilities we have now we can set up a blank uninletted stock and mill out the action inlet and barrel channel without moving the blank stock from start to finish, including the ability to follow any contour of barrel that is required – even swaged contours as well as straight contours.

All the stocks we order from the major manufacturers are ordered as flat tops wherever possible as generic inlets are not always the best solution for the end user. Gunsmiths know this, and other gunsmiths subcontract their inletting work to us in order to allow them to have a custom inlet prior to them bedding their projects. As with the CNC Lathe, all work undertaken is stored and is repeatable at any time, a very useful feature when inletting for the same action.

Every gunsmith has their own preference for example and a quick change in the program allows us to machine out the exact clearance requested by the customer even if it is the same model of action.

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